NW EVENTFebruary 21, 2022
    BATTLE IS STARTING! COME ON CHAT: https://discord.gg/as5yh2wy7C
  • We are the Night Warriors, an Army of Club Penguin. One of the strongest in all the lands. Our mission is not to protect Club Penguin. No, we aren’t the ‘good guy’ and we don’t try to be, nor are we evil. We just try to have fun. Stand with us. We, the few, that stand against all foes that seek to undermine our might. For we answer to no one. Join us in our conquest. Join us in our plight to become the strongest Army of Club Penguin. We are the Official Night Warriors Army of Club Penguin. All enemies beware.
    ~Night Warriors Leaders

  • Join NW


Official Night Warriors Uniform.

Wear this Uniform to all battles;


Step-by-step guide on how to get uniform.


Firstly, log into your Club Penguin account.

2. Click the Server Blizzard
3. Click on the chat bar and type the following commands (type them One By One):
Type !ai 313 – for the Hiking Backpack
Type !ai 11423 – for the Stealth Tracker Head Item
Type !ai 14904 – for the Fighter Pilot Costume
Type !ai 4 – for the Color Black
3. Open your inventory and equip the uniform.

Then log in, and you should have ALL of the uniform items!



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