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Inevitable Ending

Club Penguin Armies…. in 2022? Crazy…

I know I’m not exactly a major figure in the Army Community anymore in terms of leading armies or running an organization so this post may be meaningless to some. For the past few weeks my activity in the community stooped further than how poor it was in the weeks prior. Today was the first time I logged on to discord in over a week and a half which probably tells all. Before I depart I have some parting thoughts.

The Current Army Community

As you grow older you realize how meaningless all this is and how meaningless it becomes. Yes, for years it was perhaps a lot to me and a lot to a grand number of us. To me, it meant a lot, but eventually became a burden. This was a burden I removed temporarily before I brought that burden back upon myself. The Army Community seems to have an affect on you where it just draws you back in over and over, even after you think you’ve left. Many people will know this, I’ve written three, maybe four retirement posts in the last four years, and yet, I kept coming back. This time however, it is different. Although I was helpful in the creation of CPAC (CP Army Times) as well as helped with writing some content and history posts, my impact on the community is not what I wanted it to be. I came back to many people begging me to create a “New League” or “News organization” as people were fed up with “corruption” and “bias” and “Noobs running armies” – after a lot of thinking I was approached by a group of high quality writers & some notable figures within the community and we came together to form CPAC. However, the many people that called for the creation of a new news website, were nowhere to be seen, in fact, they were still a part of the organization that they constantly called out and ridiculed. Puzzled is all this left me.

I had many ideas in mind to try and give the current dwindling community some sort of boost or revival, however, without a safe and popular Private Server or more experienced and loyal people within the community, these ideas never came to fruition, and instead, I watched the Army Community spiral further downward than ever before.

A lot of people have a misconception of what the Army League was so here’s an excerpt of a post which I was writing but decided to abandon it:

I re-opened the Army League with the intentions of giving armies a platform again and making them more fun. I know people these days have their opinions about “Leagues” however, I never intended to create a “League” I just wanted to replicate CPAC in a way, a successful news organization with Top Tens & tournaments, I had no intention of implementing what people now a days call a “League”. This is why I changed the name of the Army League numerous times, however, for me, the “Club Penguin Army League” was just the name of the organization.

Many people have their opinions about the Army League and how it’s at fault for a lot of things that are wrong with the current community, however, it just isn’t. The Army League was successful because of the people who were running it and the environment it had. The problem is, since it’s closure, people have tried to replicate its ideas and policies and have failed because the climate is different and the people who are running things now (most of them) aren’t experienced enough to run a community like this nor are they intelligent enough.

The idea behind CPAC or what is now known as CPAT, was a non-league organization which would provide News, Top Tens and Tournaments. It provided all but tournaments due to spineless leaders in the community afraid to partake because the name was CPAC, but even then, once the name CPAC was changed, they once again had a different excuse while still ridiculing CPArmies (org) despite partaking in their tournaments.

Although over the years there has been differences in opinions, fights and more between different leaders, different heads of the community, armies still managed to pull through and work together, the current community is going nowhere with the current crop of leaders or “Administrators” behind organizations. Every time people seem to band together and form something or “Unify” – people are unhappy and throw their weight around and if they don’t get their way they ruin it for everyone else. The community being ran (literally via organization Administrators & Advisors) by a group of (ex) large armies for the past year and a half is the reason for the horror-show you see on display now. They threw their weight around, threatened pull outs and all kinds of nonsense to get their own way, whether it be in the form of tournament decisions, top ten changes or whatever. That is the type of community that armies has turned into.

The creation of things such as “CPA Judges” and leaders voting on community bans will further this issue and the people behind it all are the ones to blame.

After all, there is a reason legends and veterans don’t want to be involved with the community anymore.

Beacons of Hope?

Although times are dull and things don’t look great, there are still some rays of sunshine in this community. There are some notable figures who can potentially revive things and contribute to a better future, the most notable I can mention is Bscharbach. One of the few people left who actually cares about the community and wants to see it thrive and is actually not biased or a noob (some how!). So if there is one thing to take from this post into the future, it’s Bscharbach!

Con te partirò

I know people may not actually believe this is it, but it really is. I just don’t have the energy for taking part in anything army related or running anything army/club penguin related. Armies for me, are a thing of the past. I’ll look back fondly on the good times, I’ll certainly always remember the bad. Armies contributed to the type of person I am today oddly enough. You learn lessons from being in this community, good, bad, stupid & harsh lessons. I’ve certainly had my fair share of all of them.

I was lucky enough to be a leading figure in the community for some time, in running the Army League as well as other legendary armies, I definitely enjoyed most (some) of my time running things, despite the horrible effects it had on me mentally. Although I wasn’t the perfect leader or perfect Community CEO/Figure, I hope I left a good mark on the community’s memory rather than a poor one.

While being around recently, I have constantly been reminded of my lowest point in the community and I’d like to take that chance to once again publicly apologize to Spotty & Ayan (I don’t know if Ayan is still around) for my immature and stupid decision to say their names on the Help Force main discord channel in 2019. I’ve said it many times, this was and always will be my biggest regret from my time in the community and will always remain apologetic for it. I hope both of you can forgive me in due time for it and the same goes for anyone else who I impacted during my low points of immaturity.

Finally I just want to say, as I recently turned 21, the community really isn’t for me (I don’t know how Iceyfeet or Elmikey lasted till 25 or older). Armies are always going to change in different ways and it was my mistake in thinking that they’d ever go back to what they once were. Times have most certainly changed, the style of armies have changed and most importantly the world & the internet has changed. Perhaps, I just don’t have a place in the community anymore, after all, I’ve been through everything that there is to go through and I just don’t serve a purpose anymore.

If people do continue to partake in armies over the next few years, I wish you all the best and if there is one thing I want you to take from anything I’ve written, its remain loyal to those who are loyal to you. Loyalty and respect get you far in a community like this, it also creates long-lasting friendships, perhaps friendships that you wouldn’t expect.

I’ll remain in contact with those who I’m close with but my time on discord will still be minimal in comparison to what it once was.

Lastly, a thank you to everyone who ever played a part in my journey in this community. I appreciate everything that anyone has ever done for me, through support or even through hate. God bless.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


-Epic101 / B


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