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    ~Night Warriors Leaders

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The Final Take

Club Penguin Armies are finished.

It’s been a while since I made a rant post about Club Penguin Armies in general and thankfully this will be the last.

After returning to this community in January, I chatted amongst the people of the “CPAHQ” side of the community and was friendly with them as they were friendly with me. I was curious to see the current state of the community and wasn’t entirely surprised when I heard armies were still divided (over a year since the shut down of the Army Hub). I noticed that when I brought up the topic of uniting armies, many of the people in the CPAHQ discord would become active and would speak out and blame the Army Network (CPAN) side of the community for the divide. I only became aware that Iceyfeet was somehow still involved in running a news organization after a week or so of being back and yet again, I was not entirely surprised. However, because I am banned in the CPAN discord, I couldn’t get their side of the story or how armies are actually divided.

Many people blamed it on the poor running of a tournament and others blamed it on shadiness and rigging top tens. Overall, it became apparent both sides were only interested in maintaining their power and really couldn’t give a shit about what the overall community needs.

I was interested in creating a neutral & non-bias news site (CPAO) which would replicate CPAC in the sense of, it had no real power and just hosted Top Tens, tournaments and released news posts. Unfortunately, I had been really busy with actual life commitments and this plan never came to properly be. Prior to this, I was writing editorials for CPAHQ and was quickly turned against when they realized I was planning to create a neutral news site. It appears they are only friendly to those who will kiss up to them and align with everything they say and do, if you are not one of those people, they will turn on you at any given chance.

I had constantly given praise to CPAHQ as I was led to believe they were the modern day CPAC, they have a great modern looking website, regular news posts, Top Tens, a (somewhat) active discord. It made no sense for armies to be divided when this is what they could be a part of. I was constantly told the divide was about a rigged Top Ten, an accidental mess up in a tournament and the admins of an organization not giving into the big armies. All of this was just a cover for the simple fact that certain people want to be at the top and remain there, above everyone else and will keep their own interests at heart to stay there.

For months I was in contact with Freezie and we would talk regularly about the daily or weekly occurrences and how far armies have fallen since May/June 2020. The big armies aren’t even big (except for the Templars for the first room of their events) and the people who run the current organizations (Kingfunks, DMT, Spotty, Iceyfeet, Max) are all corrupt weirdos. People like funks, max, spotty all were quick to talk about how CPAN was bending over for the big armies (RPF & IW) but when the Templars & Water Vikings cried about the Night Warriors using Yukon for their events, CPAHQ was quick to sanction every CPPS that wasn’t CPR, very odd. (Funny because people like Spotty & DMT were the ones parading around in 2019/2020 about how bad CPO was for not letting armies use other cppses and here these same people are, punishing armies for not using CPR, oh how the world goes round huh!)

Bam spitting facts!!

Their new way of “cancelling” people and rewriting history to suit feelings over facts.

Most recently though, I noticed they seem to write mythical and made up events in their news posts based off of their feelings rather than facts (in relation to history). They seem to have this weird obsession with saying the Summer Bash tournament of 2019 was rigged and because the Help Force think it was rigged, they “won” the battle. I went to the editor of the post (Frostty) and asked where he got this information from, his response made it obvious that even he didn’t believe what he was writing, and was only writing it to keep his Admins happy.

After a few moments, he would return and say “talk to spotty about it” which I found odd because, it is his post, so if it involves information that isn’t factual, why couldn’t he edit it himself?

As expected, it was obvious his intentions were only to keep his Admins happy as he “wrote the post” but had no say in editing it weirdly. But he was just happy to get his 2 posts for the month done!

Unfortunately, the community is now becoming feelings over facts and historic battles and events are being told based off of how people feel about them rather than the true facts and results of what really happened. In response to the questions about the incorrect facts in the post, Spotty (who led the Help Force when they lost the battle and is the Admin who stopped the post from being fixed) said that the post would not be changed because people in the Help Force “knew it was rigged” and “CP Army Hub also wrote that the Help Force won” – if only this was how history worked. According to the modern day Administrators of these news organizations, the actual organization that hosted and judged the tournament, their results no longer matter because they do not align with the feelings of those in armies. Any tournament from the CPAC era is now allowed to be edited and rewritten to support how people feel rather than what actually factually happened.

In relation to this tournament, the Army League judges ruled that the Pirates won 2-1 at the end of the battle (something that the Help Force wrote on their own website lol) and on the Army League website there is a detailed post which describes each room’s winner & sizes and says who won the battle. According to Spotty & CPAHQ, because the Help Force feel it was rigged, they did not lose the battle and have rewritten history in their posts for some reason. If this was the case for every battle in history, I assume that battles such as the final Legends Cup in 2017 between the Light Troops & Nachos would also be rewritten because Badboy came out and said he rigged it? No, because this is not how armies have ever worked. It is shameful to see people supporting these kind of actions and the more they support this type of stuff, the worse it will get as time goes on.

Just as a side note, these people will do anything to rewrite history or remove/edit Legends because once again, feelings over facts appears to be their motto. Being honest, although the title of Legend has actually lost its meaning in recent years (after 2020 it went to shit), there’s people like DMT & Zakster who have some how received the title for achieving absolutely nothing other than running mediocre news sites, yet there are other notable people such as Jester who missed out over the years. Some of these new “Legends” that are being nominated or even inducted wouldn’t even compare to those who would have missed out many years ago. The idea of nominating legends and these people being voted in by a board of inactive “veterans” and “experts” should be scrapped altogether. Unfortunately, the people who are some how running these things now, will never stop hosting their corrupt inductions where their close friends are nominated and inducted, the power means too much to them.


The next big take has to be on the freak of nature named Max. Over the course of the past 2-3 months I learned quickly that Max is a slimy weirdo that will do anything for attention, popularity, and for the sake of CPAHQ, views. On a number of occasions he’s written targeted posts at the Night Warriors (and of course mentioning me because, how else would he get views?). It was no surprise to me when he began doing this because he has been pulling things like this since the beginning of his stint in the media of Club Penguin Armies. It is surprising that a news site that has faced scandals about judging ethics in 2021, would come out and write a series of all-out targeted attacks on one of the new major armies in the community, however, it shouldn’t be surprising that the person behind these targeted attacks has extremely poor ethics in their army career.

Max talking about the ethics of armies and what is “no longer welcome”.

While it is funny for Max to talk about Shady and unethical behavior, it is no secret Max has shown a bias and disdain against the Night Warriors and our leaders, more specifically, me. Scrolling through the CPArmyHQ discord, you can see Max openly tries to go at me for the false multilogging accusations against the Pirates in 2020 by CP Army Media. Pretty much all CPPSes log Creation-IP and not log-in IP and it was claimed that people had multilogged “16 penguins” at once from the same PC. While this was possible for people like Max back in 2016, it is not possible when your computer crashes after five minutes on CPR with one club penguin tab alone. Their only shred of “evidence” was questioning a new pirates staff member who’s sister had logged on for the same event from the same house.

Max trying to get some of his goats to laugh at his unfunny accusations for the 500th time in a year.

As mentioned before, this kind of act seems to be frowned upon by Max, however, he seems to forget that he multilogged around 15+ penguins per event for the Redemption Force in 2016 while also having an identity crisis. He initially went by the name of “Max”, then “Mister Max” and then “Queen Max”, rather strange if you ask me. However, a quick scan through both CPAC & Redemption Force archives, will prove this right.

Before being couped, their last event as the leader of the Redemption Force was against the Fire Warriors, a battle which was recorded and exposed Max’s multilogging from start to finish. The battle starts off very one sided as the Fire Warriors dominate early on, but as Max appears, all of his accounts appear with him too. Perhaps this exposure by the Fire Warriors is why Max has such a hatred for me & the Night Warriors, or anyone with the name “Warriors” for that matter!

Max couped for multilogging in 2016.

It is apparent that when Max achieves a high position anywhere, he begins to have a power trip and is unsure of how to compose himself. While the Redemption Force turned out to be the most successful stint in his army career, it is a shame it was only achieved by multilogging around 15 tabs at once. Being a hypocrite and attempting to meme other people for something that he himself has been caught RED RED handed doing is rather embarrassing and is not something an Administrator of an army organization should be doing.

As well as this, looking at the current state of Club Penguin Armies it is becoming more and more clear that everything now is just a grab for power. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, there has been the creation of a “judging unification” discord which in essence is a way for “armies to host their own battles and tournaments” – a farcical lie which has people like Spotty & more as “Head Judges” while Max himself even offered himself to be the “owner” of the unified judging server. He’s just dying to have a true feel of power.

Just as I mentioned before, below are screenshots of Max kissing my ass in private messages when I had first returned because all he wanted was some more views for their site. “The people want ur opinion” – a while later I was asked to write a post and of course before I had even started writing one, he jumps to get me to try write things about CPO in another desperate bid for views and popularity.

You would think, for someone who has been around for so long and has achieved quite literally nothing and failed at everything he’s attempted to do, you’d leave and try achieve something somewhere else (maybe in real life?) but no. For some reason, weirdos stay weird, failures stay failing.


Finally, the community is genuinely full of people who get offended over every little thing, people who lack creativity and will never have a sense of the real world at all. They live on their computers participating in a dying community to gain some sort of relevance or power while trying to cancel people who actually have understood how things have worked for so long and are trying to help. If you sat in their discord servers and even tried to talk about modern armies, they instantly get offended and try to use insults that would have been used against you years before they were even in the community or they would recycle meaningless memes from 2020 when the corrupt Legends Cup tournament took place (multiloggers!!) (coins!!). For a few days I would sit on the main CPAHQ discord and troll or have a laugh about certain armies and it was the same 3-4 people who have only joined armies in the last 1 or 2 years (who for some reason think they know everything) that would be the first to get offended and try to insult me. It was always quite odd to me how their only insults were ever “Waterkids lapdog” “Pedo” “Lol CPO!!” (All so original!) when a majority of these people weren’t around before 2017 or even 2020 yet for some reason they try and use these sayings as insults (Keep in mind they would only try insulting me if they were all online together at the same time lol). I wouldn’t be offended by them (some of these insults were actually used in 2014 so I think 8 years down the line they’ve lost their originality) but if you were to mention autism or any sort of insult back, you’d be permanently muted or even banned because you’ve offended them or one of the people who kiss up to their Admins. Once again, its odd because the people who run CPAHQ are all quick to talk about CPO being so strict with rules and a horrible place yet they’re doing the exact same thing that they are criticizing and have criticized for years.

I did try to get people like 32op & Freezie to come back in January to have a laugh and have some fun battles and it wasn’t surprising when they both declined. Not many veterans want to go near this community anymore because it has sunk so far down since its peak over 2 years ago, that to me personally, it is embarrassing that I even chose to be a part of it once again. If you are not on the side of those in power or willing to kiss up to them and do whatever they want while they also do the same back to you, you’re bound to fail or be hit by some sort of sanctions or punishments to hold you back until you eventually give up or give in.

Here is an excerpt from Freezie’s Dark Warriors post:

Under no circumstance will DW participate in a third party organisation (ie. Army League) as these are more often than not ran by incompetent people whose decisions have an impact our community and members. Modern armies primarily operate under Army Leagues, you can see the problem.

Most importantly, we’ve simply moved on as have most veterans who returned during Covid. There comes a time where if you don’t do different things you become stagnant and don’t progress. In our opinion, armies have evolved to a point where the game isn’t even fun anymore. Between fast tactics (we get they add a higher ceiling to battling/tactics) having to host a metric ton of events to score on the top 10 and get Roblox kids to attend your events – it’s a good way to ensure troop retention is low, and recruiting workload is high.

Armies look super fun in 2022! (The Army of Club Penguin by the way).

There are some notable people left in the community who I genuinely feel for because they do for some reason put up with the shit that is going on and for some reason continue to participate when there is absolutely no reason left to take part anymore. Armies aren’t fun, they’re not enjoyable, there is nothing new and everyone has something to moan about. Gone are the days where you could come online and actually have fun at a battle or have a laugh on discord/xat because if you slip up or say the wrong thing your army is being cancelled by the social justice warriors who have conned their way into power.

With that, don’t expect me to recreate an army or return again. As you get older you realize that most of this will be meaningless in a number of months or years and the same fun and enjoyment you had over the years is never going to come back. I’m still sort of on discord, I come online every so often but it is time for a hiatus yet again. There are far better games out there to play that are worth your time a lot more than penguins pressing emotes while you get banned for not being politically correct or for being offensive.

The Night Warriors are no longer participating in Club Penguin events and will be inactive from today on. 28/03/2022.

Best thing I’ve seen on discord this year & final thing I shall say:

Armies < Grass.

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