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Response to CPA-HQ

Greetings everyone. This post is very sudden and not one I was expecting to make. Recently, CPA-HQ editor Max had created a post regarding my retirement. This however was not a traditional retirement post but a bias report just created to satisfy his own insecurities.
It is no secret that our relationship with Max is not one of the brightest, however, contradicting statements made by your superior staff and spreading rumors about armies is pushing it and going beyond limits. That is an abuse of his power and just proves how insecure he is to a point where he can’t control his own emotions.

A month ago, the United Army Media had released a Universal Top Ten statement written by the editor Max himself.

However, a month later, Max had some form of motivation to go against what he and his team had agreed to and blatantly accuse us of multilogging in the chat like the lunatic he is. Whatever he was planning to get out of this really isn’t going for him.

Did Max have a mood swing?

Furthermore, most of his accusations are based off a one time event we had where we maxed 73+ rather than evaluating our performance as our whole. In most cases tactics are apparent but due to the server getting spiked on that one day, we had no tactics and the event was shortened.

Even if there are controversies as to who’s side you’re on, it is clear that Max was in no way to make this post due to our clear ongoing conflict of interest. Max had done this many times just to ash out his insecurities and to win a petty argument.

I don’t think it is fair to address problems just concerning the army, recently, before our former leader Lyd had left, she had provided some screenshots of Help Force staff trying to take out the organization as a whole, these staff members had admitted to spying and attempting to find issues and in the long term end CPA-HQ making their intentions for becoming members of staff downright abysmal and posing as a larger threat to the community.

Lastly, a member of the CPA community Da Best had come forward to inform us of an issue he had encountered with Max when dealing with an issue as serious as pedophilia. Here is what he had to say about Max’s responses and actions when assessing Todoro’s situation:

“The biggest thing that I never liked about CPAHQ was how they threw out punishments. They didnt have an issue with banning on of their longest lasting writers that won an award but when it comes to someone harass a person to the point of suicide then they step back and do nothing. It all started when I got a message from a friend stating that they tried to kill themselves after Pandor harassed them all day about supporting Pedo’s. This all happened around the time Todoro was called out for being a pedo and this person (who didnt want to be named) was trying to defend Todoro as she didnt have the full picture at the time and was going off what Todoro told her. This caused Pandor to get mad and continuously harass her till 1 day she had enough and tried killing herself. In the real world if this happened in a workplace not only would Pandor be fired but he would also face prison time as well.I went to tell Max about this but he returned with this response “We can not ban Pandor as he told us a lot of information about the pedo situation”. Now come on HQ. What excuse is that? So following your reasoning anyone who snitches on another person becomes immune to killing others. Come on Max I thought you were better than this. Lastly from me: I thought I’d never see anything worst then CPOAL when I left it. But it seems since then they think anyone that respects someone is “supporting them” and they expect someone to shit talk the owner of an army on a site they control. I dont think anyone on the board has ever led a small army in the CPPS gen of CPA so I recommend going to my situation then telling me how you do it differently to how I did. I think my removal from staff was unjustified but whats more importantly…. DONT BRING YOUR BIAS TO INFLUENCE CPAJ AND WHO THEY HIRE. AFAIK THAT IS UNITED AND SO ME NOT BEING ACCEPTED IS JUST UNFAIR SEEING THAT ONLY YOU GUYS HAD AN ISSUE WITH ME NO ONE ELSE.

A Nice message to CPAHQ Admins. Stop with your bias bs and go learn how to host a league… Icey was right. Maybe you should learn to pick a fight

I think it is clear from everything that is stated that Max is not qualified to be in the administrative position that he is. He lets his emotions get in the way of making rational decisions and is absolutely unreliable. Moreover, the CPA-HQ admins have a lot that they need to work on before even considering their organization anything near perfection.

And for anyone was wondering how we got as many troops as we did, we got aided by RF. It was clear from the start of our revival that armies in this era relied on veterans to progress. This has been showcased many times especially with major armies such as the Water Vikings who had the backings of countless veterans to fend for themselves in their wars against TCP. Hence, the Night Warriors were a composition of a new and upcoming army and a former major army which gave us the amount of troops we needed. It is still a shock to our entire staff team how no one realized this even though Exodia was our leader and just assumed we multilogged. Perhaps consider this before you try and pointlessly troop steal?

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